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Torrence Boone is the Vice President—Global Client Partner at Google. He spearheads Google’s strategies in partnering with global advertisers and their agencies, and has 20+ years of experience in major communications disciplines.

Prior to joining the team at Google in 2010, Boone was the global CEO of a full-service, integrated agency startup built by WPP. He began his career at Bain and Company and later held senior roles at Avenue A (now Razorfish) and Digitas.

At Google, Boone drives the company’s global relationships with marketing and advertising agencies in addition to a series of brand services focused on global advertisers. He handles general management responsibilities for channel strategy, marketing, finance, operations, product development, and HR/talent. Torrence Boone’s most notable achievements thus far — closing multi-billion dollar deals, developing new product initiatives, and launching BrandLab flagships in multiple countries, to name a few — all embody Google’s “10X” mindset.

At Google, we have this notion of 10X thinking or moon-shot thinking. You don’t focus on the incremental. You focus on the logarithmic or the exponential. If you set ambitious goals, it forces people to step outside of their comfort zone and what they think might be possible.

Torrence Boone

The Syracuse Post-Standard

A trusted senior professional in marketing and advertising for over 20 years, Torrence Boone is highly experienced with the dynamic nature of the industry. Technology has driven seismic shifts in advertising over the past decade or so — from new ad formats to fragmentation of media channels to collection and analysis of consumer data — and opened up channels for creativity and innovation like never before. It’s an exciting time to be sure, but it also raises a crucial question: how (and where) exactly do brands fit in consumers’ lives nowadays?

“The definition of advertising is changing dramatically,” Torrence Boone told BBC correspondent Michelle Fleury in a 2016 BBC News interview. It is increasingly content-rich, reliant on consumer interaction and engagement, and more custom-tailored to the personal interests of consumers than ever been before. Yet even as these new “constants” in advertising emerge, it’s important to remember that the only real constant in life (and in the business) is change. This fact has been a cornerstone of Boone’s leadership style through his entire career.

Boone is on the board of The Finish Line and Effie Worldwide. He is also President of the Board at Citizen Schools New York. In his free time Boone enjoys kickboxing, snowboarding, rock climbing, yoga, fiction writing/literature, and the performing arts.

This is Torrence Boone’s industry insights blog, where he’ll share his thoughts on digital marketing, brand strategy, newer ad formats, emerging technology platforms like virtual and augmented reality, and more.

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