Mobile shopping is a practice that’s thriving today with the rise of smartphone usage and the push toward convenience in all forms. There are mobile apps that provide information on the best deals, cutting-edge products, and easy access to reviews to sufficiently research a product before you buy, all at the touch of a finger.

Recent Google research demonstrates this trend, revealing that 87% of people say they can “be loyal to a brand without having its app on their phone” and 53% of smartphone users say “they do not have their favorite brand’s app installed on their phone.”

Creating an easy and accessible app or mobile website can drastically help improve customer service in a variety of ways. It also gives businesses a quick way to access the opinions of customers and interact with them when they are not in a store. Here are some benefits:

Keep Customers and your Brand Connected

Having an app on a customer’s phone will not only prompt them to engage with your brand more, it also serves as a conduit for you to provide information directly to them at any time. Whether this is sending previews of an upcoming product, advertising an event, or reaching out to them to fill out quick surveys.

Having an easy to navigate app or mobile website can help provide an accessible front for customers to access your brand anytime from anywhere. This will make them more apt to buy your product, but also makes it an easier process by compiling everything into one space.

Create an Easy-to-Navigate Mobile Site

If a customer’s experience on a mobile site is as easy to use and positive as it is on an app, customers will look forward to coming back and getting to engage with your brand on an accessible interface. Some ways to form a happy user base are to ensure that your mobile site is fast, aesthetically designed, and easy to use. According to Google research, over half of the people who shop on mobile sites say that they would not purchase from a brand with a poorly designed mobile site.

Configure Your App and Mobile Site to Work Together

Create these options not as alternatives or two separate options, but with the ability and aptitude to compliment each other in their function. Not only will this promote an exciting interface for the customer, but additionally maximize sales by deepening the platform which you use to communicate with customers.