In today’s digital frontier, marketing techniques constantly re-mold to fit the newest models of consumer preference. The pace at which modern marketing methods shift is undeniable: consider this recent study, which shows that social media advertising is now the preferred content strategy of 90% of business-to-consumer companies. Old consumer habits transform into new behaviors in a blink, and ad agencies are learning to adapt. Here are a few of 2018’s major digital marketing developments.

Ultra-Niche Content

Today’s content spreads seamlessly across a diverse range of mediums. From tweets to long-form video, there’s an endless array of avenues to get your message across—and an endless array of actual messages. To be heard above the noise of an online marketplace overstuffed with vendors vying for attention, brands strive to make their voice unique. They identify untapped niches within niches and stake their claim using hyper-targeted messaging. For example, an outdoor equipment marketer might refine their focus in a blog post that concentrates on travel tips for backpacking in Thailand.

SEO for Voice

The accuracy of smart devices’ voice search features has improved substantially in recent years. Like all new technologies, voice will only improve with time, which is why marketers are moving to refine SEO for searches done via Google Assistant. The objective is to have results place within the answer box featured at the top of a Google search page. This spot is reserved for keyword-optimized content that provides clear, concise answers.

Integrated AI

Chatbots capable of assisting site visitors in complex and meaningful ways may still be the stuff of fiction, but bots that answer simple questions are already typical online. If a question is too difficult for a chatbot, it can be programmed to connect customers to human assistance. Asking and answering questions to find out how far along a customer is in the sales process—and determining when to put customers in touch with a rep—are common tasks for chatbots. Certain social media sites offer the option to install unique chatbots; Facebook messenger bots, for example, can be easily incorporated into a company’s page. Another benefit of chatbots is their ability to gather and save user data, which can help to personalize return visitors’ experience.