Google is an advocate of the perspective that “artificial intelligence can provide new ways of approaching problems and meaningfully improve people’s lives.” It has reflected this mantra in many areas, including its creation and launch of its new learning center and its particular attention to social change and advocacy as a company. It demonstrates a passion not just for technological advancements, but for improvements in human rights, environmental causes, and other socially driven movements.

In a similar vein, Google has recently introduced a program that will support organizations that are weaving together the benefits of artificial intelligence and the tackling of social and environmental obstacles and challenges. This support not only consists of generous grant funding but also coaching and mentorship from Google’s artificial intelligence experts. Additionally, it provides organizations the ability to participate in the “Launchpad Accelerator” program. This program allows Google to procure and tailor support specific to each organization and project so that participants get the specified support that they need.

The focal point of this project is to supplement an effort or initiative with all the tools and information required to optimize their use of AI and technology. It does not matter how far along they are with this process, but instead how their tactics can continue to be improved and made more dynamic. Many social movements and organizations don’t realize the drastic impact that AI can have on their mission, so this project aims to provide education and resources where they are lacking.

Particularly in the past 15 years, it has become increasingly necessary for any organization or movement trying to catalyze change to utilize the internet and technology to be effective. This is a product of the growing importance of technology in our society, and the fact that the internet can bring people together and raise awareness for causes despite distance, time disparity, and language barriers.

It is invigorating to consider how social change and artificial intelligence will continue to grow together and enhance each other, as well as to imagine how Google will continue to be a stark proponent of the two and their intersections.