Digital audiences value convenience, and no technology blends convenience with functionality as naturally as the mobile device. Enthusiasm for mobile streaming seems almost contagious, and everywhere you look, smartphones are broadcasting like never before. In fact, an NDP report reveals that smartphones streamed more content last year than any other technology, with video accounting for around 83% of net mobile data usage.

For B2B brands, mobile video presents a massive opportunity. Funding for digital ads among B2B companies is slated for an 111% increase since 2013, from $2.18 billion to a projected 2018 total of $4.6 billion. But despite the dominance of mobile use—and despite digital ads being financed more aggressively than ever—mobile ad spend still makes up a minority of B2B’s digital marketing budget. B2B firms looking to not only widen their social media reach, but engage customers across a medium overflowing with potential—one largely (and inexplicably) ignored by competitors—should consider these strategies for success in mobile video marketing.

Prioritize Short-Form

Social media users sift through vast amounts of content quickly, so clips running three to ten seconds usually perform best. Short-form content can be produced easily and at little cost; some of the best ads have been born from nothing more than a GoPro, and a bit of creative editing. Online media outlets often favor content that fits audience ad preferences; Youtube, for example, regularly promotes six-second ads, and sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram also prefer “snackable” content.

Lighten Up

SAP, Squarespace and Intel have won awards—and generated major sales—by taking a lighthearted approach to marketing. IBM regularly posts three-to-seven second GIFs containing playful and entertaining messages on its social media accounts. Such strategies forge a human connection out of humor and wit, and are common fare in business-to-consumer marketing. There’s no reason why levity can’t also work wonders in the B2B marketing realm.

Factor in Age

“Millennial marketing” is almost a cliche at this point, but there’s a good reason the concept is so well known, especially when it comes to mobile B2B. Research by Salesforce found that 84% of millennial B2B buyers claim that mobile devices are essential in their line of work. Social media has proven its value in advertising; companies that manage to create content that feels smart, natural and spontaneous earn followers and subscribers. Businesses looking to give their content an organic feel should tailor subject matter to capture moments of value. For example, a good video might involve touring and reporting on conferences like CES and Mobile World Congress, or framing film festivals like Cannes or SXSW within the scope of B2B.

Advertising via mobile video is still a relatively new concept within B2B, and companies that start soon have a chance to substantially increase their share of voice.