As marketing channels become oversaturated, companies continue to implement innovative strategies to differentiate themselves from their competition. For many companies, technology proves a distinct and convenient means of furthering their marketing reach; however, this increasing reliance on artificial intelligence, bots, and other technologies often drives a wedge in between companies and their customers and employees. While some companies have begun to compromise relationships for progressiveness and reach, others have developed more authentic approaches to further cultivate relationships and visibility. One such approach is “people marketing.

Coined by Jeanniey Mullen of Mercer, “people marketing” refers to a marketing approach that relies on personalization and narrative. This strategy begins internally, with companies launching initiatives to all employees. Rather than pursuing a media buy, companies enable employees to look and engage with the launch, encouraging them to personalize launches so they can share them with their networks. On average, a person reaches about 50,000 people on social media annually, which means employees have considerable reach; this is only furthered as more employees participate and connect with their networks.

What makes this approach so remarkable is its authenticity. This form of marketing utilizes already existent employee channels on social media to expand a company’s traditional outreach. Employees are not encouraged to simply retweet or share, but to contribute to these launches. This approach not only furthers employee engagement, but also visibility. While employees are given guidelines to ensure the posts remain professional and do not shift too far into the personal, by lending their voice or perspective to a piece of company content, employees are able to circulate authentic content that increases brand narrative and credibility.

This form of marketing is not only successful internally, but externally as well. Prospects in the industry and clients are more likely to notice authentic brand narratives generated by people marketing strategies, as these narratives are passionate, innovative, and reliable. Even better for companies, people marketing cultivates considerable reach without spending media dollars.

People marketing leverages employees to promote visibility and engagement across social media platforms. In channels where marketing is becoming less personable, people marketing provides an authentic and effective way to differentiate marketing campaigns and brands.