Of the four categories of holiday shopper identified in a 2017 report by Google, the deal seeker is perhaps the most well-informed. Deal seekers see holiday shopping not as a chore, but a game to be conquered. While others might be disheartened by just how elusive the ideal price often proves to be, deal seekers delight in the chase. When shopping, they’re known to skillfully navigate digital tech; six in 10 purchases by deal seekers are made on mobile, which they use even in-store.

Google’s report pegs the deal seeker demographic as primarily millennials—often fathers—in their 20s or 30s. Over a third of deal seekers claimed to shop exclusively between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and almost 70% said that bargain prices motivated their purchase. Their habits consist of deep research and comparison shopping; according to Google, 96% of millennial fathers noted a preference for searching products online before buying. Of those, around 50% searched more than one site before making a decision.

While gift-buying is certainly an objective for deal seekers, it isn’t the only one. Google survey results indicate that two thirds of deal seekers shopping over the holidays say they’re also purchasing their own products. Some respondents even admitted to spending all year compiling lists of products–particularly TVs, gaming systems and other electronics–to look for during Black Friday sales. Therefore, when tailoring messages, marketers should take care not to focus too heavily on the “gift” aspect of their holiday lineup, as doing so risks de-emphasizing the value of their sales.

In addition, companies should consider prioritizing customer services like gift wrapping, as the deal seeker demographic also seems to appreciate small, time-saving perks that augment the value of a purchase. Millennial fathers that shop online were three times more likely to consider the option for gift-wrapping “very important” according to Google, and twice as likely to similarly value the choice to add a personal note to the package.

Deal seekers also value expediency, which is why many prefer to shop in the relatively short time frame of Black Friday through Cyber Monday. “Best black Friday deals” and similar mobile searches have grown over 80% in the past two years, fueled in part by the persistence of deal seekers aiming to cut their total shopping time. Creating messaging that caters to deal seekers’ need for speed is an effective way to attract their attention, while delivering on the promise of efficiency will earn their trust.