Google recently participated in the Wharton Women in Business Summit for the first time, where we engaged in a gender parity and male ally panel. The company also hosted a lunch for African American MBA Association leaders. The results of these activities have been quite positive, so we have created a partnership with University Programs to develop an executive engagement program for recruiting students on campuses across the globe. 

WWIB Engagement

Every year, The Wharton School hosts the Wharton Women’s Summit (WWS). More than four hundred MBA and undergraduate students attended the conference, which gives employers their first (and only) opportunity to engage with students during the first quarter. On September 20th, Google hosted the breakfast and lunch tables, both of which were oversubscribed. We also participated in two panels: the Gender Parity panel, which focused on male mentors, and the Male Ally panel, which educated men on how to be strong allies both at home and in the workplace. 

AAMBAA Engagement

Another highlight was hosting a lunch with ten student leaders. There, we shared our stories, promoted Google, and answered questions. This activity helped kick off a series of engagements we have planned for the next recruiting season. The lunch was a great success in displaying Google’s dedication to diversity, as reflected by this quote from Chuka Esiobu, WG ‘21:

Lunch with Torrence Boone was an invaluable experience because it demonstrated Google’s true commitment to recruiting diverse talent. It was refreshing to hear about both the firm and the unique ways in which Torrence has established a sense of identity. Rarely have I been able to have such intimate conversations with senior level executives. Doing so, placed my current pursuits in perspective, and gave me both personal and professional goals to aspire to.

Next Steps

Our goal in providing early sponsorship is to allow us to access top talent first, and to target specific candidates to reach out to in the future. Because of this, we are going to focus on strategic club sponsorships. Our University Programs will be reviewing organizations and potentially establishing a sponsorship strategy that branches across all MBA schools. 

Google’s senior leadership will also be focusing on diverse recruitment efforts through the MBA Outreach Program. Creating an Executive Engagement Program for global campus recruitment will help further develop Google’s brand among our target audience.